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Transportation of precision equipment and heavy equipment
Precision equipment and heavy equipment can be transported without packaging or with simple packaging, using lashing belts, mats, and buffer materials.

Cargo Handling

Handling (delivery), installation, leveling, and setting up of precision equipment and heavy equipment
A seamless service from cargo handling through setting up of equipment is provided. Loads on equipment and vibrations are minimized by using heavy load moving roller. Advance verification using CAD and development of optimum time schedules are provided.

Transportation (collection & delivery) Route Design

We provide CAD drawings of positioning and motion range of cranes, positioning and flow of vehicles and goods, arrangement of personnel, etc. as well as develop optimum time schedules to ensure safe operations.

Cargo Handling Service Examples

Medical equipment

Transportation, handling (collection & delivery), installation, and setting up of CT and MRI scanners, etc.

Plant production line equipment

Handling (delivery), installation, and setting up of plant equipment, production line equipment, etc.

ICT equipment

Mounting of servers, PCs, etc. on racks and installation of racks.

Heavy equipment

Handling (delivery) and installation of heavy equipment such as power generators.

Shinkai Transport (Thailand)’s Cargo-Handling Equipment

Forklifts, heavy load moving roller, gondolas, etc.


Sealed wooden box packing, steel packing, skid packing reinforced cardboard packing, bundled packing, pallet packing, vanning
An optimal export packaging is designed and implemented taking into consideration the conditions of products and transportation. In addition to on-site packing service, carton forming and container vanning services can be provided at our packing workplace. We offer high-quality packing in conformity with the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

Packaging Design (Design drawing, strength calculation)

We offer packaging design considering conditions specific to Thailand; we take into account the properties of various products, including precision equipment and heavy equipment, and their tolerable acceleration rates, as well as prerequisites such as delivery deadlines and other requests from our customers. Not only creating new packaging designs, our expert packaging technicians also provide quick responses to all sorts of requests and issues related to packaging design, such as solutions for improving existing designs and reducing packaging costs.

Available Packing Types

Sealed wooden box packing

The type of packing most widely used for mechanical equipment. The sealed structure ensures water-proof and theft-proof transportation.

Steel packing

This type of packing does not require quarantine treatment. The box is easy to assemble and unpack, which enhances operation efficiency.

Skid packing

The type of packing for container transportation by ship or otherwise, where sealed box packing is not required. It contributes to the reduction of packing materials and costs. Vanning is possible as it is.

Reinforced cardboard packing

Reinforced cardboard can be used for packing heavy equipment that weighs around 150 kg and up to 1 ton. This light-weight material of high strength contributes to the reduction of freight costs. Handling, assembling, and unpacking are easy.

Bundled packing

The type of packing for long and sturdy products. Copper wire etc. is used to bundle these products. It contributes to the reduction of packing materials and costs.

Pallet packing

Used for group packing of objects such as cardboard boxes and small packets. Stretch film or shrink wrapping is used to secure the cargo.

Import and Export

A seamless transportation service that provides packing, handling (collection), and transportation of precision equipment from an exporting country; and transportation, handling (delivery), and setting up of the equipment in the importing country.
Services are provided globally, which include handling (delivery), installation and setting up of equipment, examination of half-finished products and components, quality inspection, and distribution processing. Coordinating with international freight forwarders and carriers, Shinkai Transport (Thailand) provides a seamless transportation service (by marine and air freight) globally. We specialize in the logistics of various precision equipment products such as large machine tools, precision equipment (medical equipment, telecommunication equipment, semiconductor production equipment), and telecommunication satellites. Installation, assembly, repair, and local procurement services are also available.
Approvals and Licenses
Second Class Consigned Freight Forwarding Business (Air)
Second Class Consigned Freight Forwarding Business (Ocean)
IATA (International Air Transport Association) Cargo Agent
Established in 1909
Shinkai Transport Systems, Ltd.

Shinkai Transport (Thailand) provides services based on over 100 years of experience and technological competence accumulated in Japan.
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